Your CBD Gummies

Your CBD Gummies are bite-sized supplements that contain a precise dose of CBD (cannabidiol) in each piece. These gummies provide an easy and convenient way to get the therapeutic benefits of hemp without any of the harsh effects of THC. They come in a bottle that contains 30 Gummies and each weighs 10 mg (total of 300 mg).

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Ingredients of Your CBD Gummies

Your CBD Gummies are made from Natural Products including:

  • Hemp extract
  • Unrefined CBD Oil
  • Full spectrum cannabinoids

Features of Your CBD Gummies

These CBD Gummies provide a range of benefits which includes:

  • Convenient: It can be taken anywhere, anytime, eliminating the need for mixing and measuring extracts yourself.
  • Discreet: There’s no need to worry about carrying around products with offensive labels or odors. These CBD Gummies are easily transportable and won’t draw attention to their contents.
  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extracts: This CBD sources its hemp extract from farmers who use organic growing practices free of any pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers.
  • Quality Assurance: All These CBD products are third-party lab tested to ensure safety, potency & quality assurance with every dose.

Benefits of Your CBD Gummies

These Gummies are becoming increasingly popular for their many benefits. They offer all the same potential therapeutic effects as other forms of CBD, but with greater ease and convenience. Some of the main benefits of taking Your Gummies are:

  • Reduction in Anxiety and stress.
  • Relieves chronic pain and aches.
  • Enhances focus and clarity.
  • Promotes healthy sleep.
  • Helps in quitting smoking addiction.
  • Healthy inflammatory response.

Pros and Cons of Your CBD Gummies


✔️ Easy to take and ingest.

✔️ Eliminating any mess associated with traditional tincture droppers.

✔️ Low dose of CBD makes it easy to accurately measure intake for desired effects.

✔️ Discreet, convenient, portable way to take CBD.


❌ May contain sugar or other additives that can be unhealthy depending on how much you consume.

❌ Typically more expensive than other forms of CBD administration.

❌ Lack of flavor variety, most gummies have identical tastes and textures.

Dosage of Your CBD Gummies

The dosage of CBD gummies can vary depending on the individual and their specific needs. Generally speaking, it is recommended to take 1-2 gummies per day. Start with a lower dose and see how you feel before increasing your dosage as needed.

Precautions of Your CBD Gummies

  • Consult a doctor before taking CBD gummies, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition.
  • Do not exceed the recommended dosage of CBD gummies. Start with low doses and increase gradually until effects are seen.
  • Purchase CBD gummies from reputable sources that adhere to good manufacturing practices and use organic ingredients whenever possible.
  • Be aware of potential drug interactions with the medications you are already taking.
  • Monitor any changes in your mood or behavior while taking CBD gummies and discontinue use immediately if any adverse reactions occur.

Our Packages

The original price of one bottle of Your CBD Gummies is $69.99. We have some offers on the different quantities of bottles, which are:

  • Buy 3 bottles and get 2 free bottles at a cost of $39.98 each.
  • Order 2 bottles and get 1 free bottle at a cost of $56.63 each.
  • Buy Buy 1 bottle and get 1 free bottle at a cost of $64.94 each.

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Our major customers have experienced many benefits such as:

  • 98% Reduction in Stress and Anxiety.
  • 67% Increase in Health and Cognitive Performance.
  • 43% Improvement in Antioxidant support to the body.

Comparison with other Products

Features Your CBD Other Products Pharmacy pill
All Natural Yes No No
Allergic Safety Yes Yes Yes
Helps with chronic aches Yes No No
Promotes better sleep Yes Yes No
Enhances your mood Yes Yes No
Helps quit smoking addiction Yes No No
Available without a prescription Yes Yes No

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How many CBD Gummies can I take in one day?

The suggested serving size is 1-2 gummy bears per day. However, this may vary depending on individual needs and tolerance levels.

Is there THC in Your CBD Gummies?

No, there is no THC in these products. All the cannabinoids used are derived from naturally occurring hemp plants that have been carefully processed to ensure all psychoactive components are removed.

Are Your CBD Gummies Legal?

Yes, These CBD Gummies are legal in all 50 states.

Are there any side effects associated with taking Your CBD Gummies?

Since these gummies are made with full-spectrum hemp extract and other natural ingredients, they should be safe for most people when used as directed.

Can children take Your CBD Gummies?

No. Children should not take any form of dietary supplements including these CBD Gummies without medical advice from a qualified physician first.

How quickly will I experience results from taking Your CBD Gummies?

The effects can usually be felt within 15 minutes up to an hour after consumption but everyone reacts differently so results may vary between users based on their bodies.

Does Choice CBD offer discounts or loyalty rewards programs?

Yes, We offer frequent discounts like buy 2 get 1 free and buy 3 get 2 free deals.

Are Your CBD Gummies Safe for near-term pregnant Women?

No, near-term pregnant women should not consume These CBD Gummies without consulting their doctor first as cannabinoid use during pregnancy has not been studied enough.